I know I know, long time no blogpost! Follow @SeptemberGames on twitter if you wanna keep up with the development!

But, anyway, we’re now 7 months into this whole thing and I felt I should recap some of the happenings so far.


April: Getting started

Adjusted to the new workroutine quickly and got a lot done on Stilt Fella in April.


May: External work & Nordsken Expo

Did a lot of external contractor work in May, to the extent I barely had time to work on Stilt Fella. A shame, but at least it pays the bills.

In late May I went to the Nordsken expo in Skelefteå, Sweden, and had a chance to show off my game. Was very fun and educational to see how real players of all ages reacted to the game. A lot of laughs, but not a lot of progress. A better tutorial is needed!


June-July: External work & Summer vacation

External contractor work continued in June, taking up almost the entire month. I slowed down a bit in July, still working 1-2 hours most mornings on Stilt Fella, but mostly taking it easy. Made a better tutorial to help players get comfortable with the controls.



August: Devlopment starts up again full-time & Gamescom

Vacation’s over, so I kicked Stilt Fella development back up into high-gear. Notable progress this month was getting the character customization functions set up.

I also started preparing the Steam page and making the announcement trailer this month.

Towards the end of the month I travelled with some other local devs to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. I didn’t have any big plans for the expo, no planned meetings or anything, but it was still fun to meet other developers and try some new games.

Fave game from the expo: Heavenly Bodies, by 2pt Interactive.


September: The Big Reveal

Putting the finishing touches on the trailer and the Steam page, and making the announcement on September 18th. Also made sure to self-promote all over the place, including making a IndieDB page. In the final week of September I started implementing Steamworks features, such as Cloud Saving.


October: Beta Testing Begins

October 1st I sent out Steam keys to a small group of beta testers. Got lots of great feedback from my testers, and over this month I finished up the campaign, added Steam Leaderboards, added a Level Skip function, added lots of clothing items, and a pile of bug fixes.


November: Up next…

Got some more expos coming up:

  • QvarkCon, in Pietarsaari, Finland, Nov 6-8
  • Vaasa Game Days in Vaasa, Finland, Nov 27-28

I am aiming to get Stilt Fella done and released in the next few months. Wishlist the game, won’t ya?