September Games is currently a one-man operation, located in Vaasa, Finland, and run by Henrik Hermans.

That’s me. Hi!

I’m a lifelong gamer, and a few years back I picked up the skills to start putting together my own games. In 2015 I released my first free game on itch.io, the original version of Stilt Fella. Over the next few years I released a few more titles. As much as I love making games just for the fun of it, the plan was always to try to make a living out of it eventually. In early 2019 I set my plans in motion, and a few months later, September Games was born.

It felt fitting to launch September Games with an updated version of the game that launched my hobbyist career. Stilt Fella was released on Steam on February 26, 2020. I’m sure anyone starting a company wonders “is this really gonna work out or is it just a crazy dream?” Well, after the release of Stilt Fella I no longer had to wonder, the game was well received by gamers and sold well. Not a huge indie smash or anything, but good enough to prove something to myself: I can make games for a living.

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