September Games is currently a one-man operation, located in Vaasa, Finland, and run by Henrik Hermans.

That’s me. Hi!

I’m a lifelong gamer, and a few years back I picked up the skills to start putting together my own games. In 2015 I released my first free game on itch.io, the original version of Stilt Fella. Over the next few years I released a few more titles. As much as I love making games just for the fun of it, the plan was always to try to make a living out of it as well. In early 2019 I set my plans in motion, and a few months later, September Games launched.

While I do have another title in development, it feels fitting to launch the company with an updated version of the game that I launched my hobbyist career with. Look forward to the release of a new and improved Stilt Fella later in 2019!