Take on a unique challenge in this physics-based pogo stick platformer! Play as a vast cast of characters as you bounce through the sunny streets of Pogo City. Although it was built to be a haven for pogo-enthusiasts, there now exist sinister forces in the city that are trying to change it forever. Lasers and obstacles of various kinds are being deployed to eradicate pogo activity in the city. As you bounce across town, alone or with friends, you’ll uncover this diabolical plot!

  • 70-level STORY MODE with varied challenges and unlockable characters!
  • 6-player local MULTIPLAYER! Race with your friends or challenge them to a fight in POGO KOMBAT!
  • An easy-to-use LEVEL EDITOR! Play some user made levels, or make your own and share them via Steam Workshop.

POGOPPL is planned for release in 2024, for Windows.

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